Hello world!


This is my first post, ever.   I assume that would be easy to recognize immediately!

I have always felt the need to write or read.  When I was in grade school, I was the go to girl for any library assistance.  I hadn’t much faith in myself, but, in that world, I knew I could hold my own.  In Junior High, or Middle School, I had a family friend who encouraged me to write.  By High School, there was an English teacher who did not believe that High School students could write, but he believed in me.   Take this info as you will.

Once, while a young woman, I tried out in a pageant.  In many ways it was humiliating.  To this day, I do not believe that the girl who won should have won.  Granted, her singing was beautiful.   I felt there were other talented, attractive, contestants that did just as well, if not better, then her.  I took a chance by reading something I wrote.  Looking back I might have rethought it.  It was definitely dark.  I did discover that that counted against me.  It was something else that counted against me, something I thought was much worse, and that was my goals in life.   They held it against me that I had a great deal of plans, hopes, dreams.  Apparently, I should have just had one, two, at the most.  It would never occur to me to think that way.   What seems like a billion years later, I still can’t seem to narrow things down.

Which brings me to this blog.  If you have come here expecting it to be solely on one subject, that is not going to happen.  My mind never limits itself to one thought, and this blog will not either.  I will write things that weigh on my mind.  I have many things I am interested in (as you will find by the links on my site).  This I do know, this is my outlet.  I hope to get you thinking and I hope to be brought to deep thought.  I hated being narrowed down as a young woman.  I am spreading my wings and seeing where they will take me.  You may not enjoy the ride, but, I hope you will.  Or, that it will, in the very least, get you thinking, venturing beyond, where you are standing now.

Thank you!


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