Quote from my calendar: “I believe we have an opportunity to make some extremely poor choices.”

Definitely way too much truth in that simple statement. We hope that we make the best choices, but, we have to realize, we don’t. We are human. We have all made choices that leave little to be desired on one level or another. I know I have. I pray I do not continue with the bad choices, but I am human. This I know for sure.

I know the quote was made in fun, it is afterall, my calendar.
Enjoy life.
Live to the fullest.
Know that the grass is never as green as it appears to be from the other side of the fence, and you will be fine.
Seems so easy, doesn’t it?! I wish it was.

I have had some great moments in my life and some very, very, painful ones…all in the desire to live life to the fullest. There are choices I wish, looking back, I wish I hadn’t made. There are choices I wish I had made. Though, even not making a choice was a choice. I realize that now. Sad it has taken me so long to understand that. I can’t prevent my children, my nieces, or nephews from making poor choices, but I can provide them with my experiences. Hopefully, being the next generation, they are more adept at life then I was. They are pretty smart, soon to be adults and fledgling adults. Perhaps they’ll listen, or, maybe, they’ll just shake their heads respectfully and move on. I want to save them from the mistakes I made, but I can’t. They’ll make their own and they’ll also make better strides then I did. I can hope for that. Frankly, I’m still trying to make those strides. After all, I may be older but I’m not dead yet. I still have a great deal of life ahead of me. Now all I need to do is remind myself of that when I seemingly lose track and forget. I tried to live without regrets, but I have them. Now I have to do what I preach. I have to move forward. I have to have faith. And, sometimes, I have to do something that scares me.

Those younger then I, your elders aren’t idiots. They’ve probably forged the same paths you have…drank a little too much, ran with the “wrong” crowd, etc.. That is all part of the joy and pain of life. I guess, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Sometimes you learn the hard way, you can do everything “right” and things can still turn out “wrong”. It’s the way it is meant to be. Hard as this is to accept…sometimes wrong is right…I wish this wasn’t so, but it is. God Bless.

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