Animal Abuse


Remember when I promised you that this site would cover various subjects? And, yes, my word is my promise. Well, today, my discussion is going to cover a very dreadful subject, the abuse of animals. I do not mean the abuse that PETA deems is abuse. I mean the abuse that, as a normal, meat-eating, human being, is abuse.

Let’s begin by saying, I believe that if you use an animal for food that you should use all parts of the animal. I believe that is survival and many lines of life use this. Was it the Indians that used all of the Buffalo? I believe that is what I was taught as I was growing up. I have not lost this belief. Use all of the parts, or, at least, all of the parts that are usable. But, like I first said, this is not what this is about.

Abuse is not funny. Recently, while viewing Facebook, my brother-in-law, posted a picture of two guys hanging a puppy up by the neck and, the puppy wasn’t moving. Not a good sign. Also, the two “men”(loose term), were flipping off the camera. Either this means that they had the camera on a tripod or a third person was involved. I hope that there were no more than three involved.

I do not find this abusive simply because of the animal involved. I’m pretty sure, but not positive, that these men did not eat this animal. I have hunters in my family. I am not a hunter. It is my sincere hope that the hunters actually eat the animals they catch and that they are humane in their capture. What these men did, did not involve a hunt. It did not involve their survival.

I am not sure where people get off on doing this to helpless animals for the sheer fun of it. When did it become funny to these men to hang an animal? How does this make them tough? Hey, great, you managed to hurt an innocent animal. Good luck in prison tough guy! I bet your parents are proud of you. More than anything, I hope this is just a sadistic joke. It is my greatest hope that this picture is simply photo shopped. Still in horrible taste, but that the animal was not hurt. That these questionable men are just being asses. However ironic it may seem to call them after an animal that, probably, has more sense then them.

I can not put the picture of them on my site, however, I think you can visualize it for yourself. I hope that you would rather not. There are things you really do not need to have plastered in your mind. I know I would have chosen not to view it.

I am a horrible meat-eater. I will put that out there for you. PETA can stand aside and Vegans too. By horrible, I mean I rarely like it. I am very picky about the texture of things. This includes plants. Of course, I did take a Botany class only to find out that plants do react. I’m running out of things. Regardless, this is about the treatment of life and every life holds value. To treat another life horribly, simply because you feel you are “better”, is wrong. Life is a cycle.

How do you hope to be treated? Better than the noose they put on the puppy I saw?

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