The Feely’s and Wisconsin


I realize my family(Feely) ended up in Portage, Wisconsin. What I am curious of is the other Feely’s that came here before us? Are they related to us in some way? Why can’t I find the links that I am sure exist?
There is a story among our family that my great uncle Lawrence Feely was, indeed, my great grandfather’s biological son. Lawrence ended up residing in Lacrosse. Several of the Feely’s, prior to my great grandfather, Alexander, who moved to Portage, lived in the Portage and Lacrosse area.
Feely is not so common a name that they can be found everywhere. How is it they ended up in such a remote area as Portage?
There is a link. That I am sure of. However, I am not sure of as to how we are all linked.
Perhaps, one of the readers are sure as to the link?

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